Courses by Term

Here are the courses offered in Russian by term. Please check here often for up-to-date information on course meeting times and course availability. Course descriptions can also be found on the Registrar's site.


Russian Department Syllabus Collection

A collection of course syllabi may be found at the link here. A valid Dartmouth ID and password is required to access this folder.

Winter 2021

Spring 2021

Fall 2021 Language Courses

RUSS 1: Introductory Russian - BL and D
RUSS 27: Intermediate Russian 1 - E
RUSS 42: Advanced Russian through History, Press and Film - D

Winter 2022 Language Courses

RUSS 2: Introductory Russian- D
RUSS 28: Intermediate Russian II - E

Spring 2022 Language Courses

RUSS 3: Introductory Russian - D
RUSS 29: Intermediate Russian III -E 

Summer 2020 Courses Online

  • RUSS 19Understanding the Russians: The Role of Language and Culture in Communication - Gronas - 10
  • RUSS 36 - Tolstoy's Art and Thought - Gronas - 10A
  • RUSS 38.06/FS 42.15 - Nothing is true and everything is possible: Politics, Media and Religion in post-soviet Russia - Griffin - ARR


Spring 2020 Courses Online