Foreign Study (Russian LSA+/FSP)

The Dartmouth Russian LSA+/FSP "FROM ST. PETERSBURG TO SIBERIA" will run twice in 2022: in Spring 2022 and again in Summer 2022


Program dates: June - August (summer quarter)

The Department of Russian offers a language study abroad in association with the prestigious Higher School of Economics in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition to intensive classes in language and culture taught by Russia-based and Dartmouth professors, students of Russian will enjoy countless cultural opportunities offered by Russia's beautiful capital cities and rural landscapes, regular outings and lively conversation with peer tutors, and close camaraderie and project-based learning with fellow Dartmouth students.  There will be cultural expeditions across seven time zones and 5000+ kilometers and close engagement with Russian and international students.

Russian language students are eligible to go on the program after completing one year of language study (Russ 1-2-3).

This program is offered in association with the Government and Energy Institute FSP. For more information, please visit the Study Abroad website, or contact Profs. Mikhail Gronas ( or Ainsley Morse (

Note: Russia's requirement is that your passport expiration date is 18 months beyond the program end date. Should your passport not meet this requirement, it is necessary to renew your passport now in order to participate in this program.