The Honors Program

Seniors who give evidence of outstanding ability and who wish to do serious research on an independent project are invited to apply for honors work. Students must satisfy the minimum College requirements and must also meet two departmental requirements. First, they must have a grade average of 3.3 for all courses taken within the major. Second they must have received at least an A- in an advanced course that emphasizes research and analysis, such as Russian 48 or 71.

Area Studies majors may satisfy this second requirement with one of these courses, or, if the topic of the thesis is outside the area of language and literature, with a course from the academic area in which they intend to do research. Application is normally made by the third week of the fall term, with Russian 85 taken in the fall and Russian 87 in the winter. The thesis must be submitted no later than the third week of spring term. More information is contained in an announcement sent to current majors each year. It is available from the administrator of the Department.