From Wales to Dartmouth Via the Sutton Trust

How far would you travel to find a college to call home?

For Jennifer Evans ’17, from Pontypridd, Wales, the answer is about 3,000 miles, with an ocean in between.

Back home in the U.K., where Evans attended Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School and studied for A Levels in English, history, Welsh, and psychology, an undergraduate education would have meant a place at a British university, earning a degree in English literature. Most of her coursework would have involved attending lectures, says Evans, the first person in her family to pursue a BA.

Evans’ connection with the Sutton Trust set her on a different path, one that led to Dartmouth. The trust, says Maria Laskaris, Dartmouth’s dean of admissions and financial aid, is “an educational advocacy organization in the U.K. that is doing a tremendous amount of work to help increase the numbers of U.K. students from nontraditional backgrounds going to universities.”