Guidelines for Students

The Fund is intended to support student initiatives, research, and experiences, including travel, in Russian studies broadly defined (language, literature, culture, history, politics, economics, arts, etc.). Grants are made in support of either individual or group projects. While administered by the Russian department, all undergraduates are eligible for Kinsey Grants.

How to Apply

A proposal must be submitted to the Chair of the Russian Department. Applications for winter and spring terms projects should be submitted by the end of the third week of the fall term. Applications for summer and fall terms projects should be submitted by the end of the third week of the spring term.


The Faculty Advisor

Endorsement by a member of the Dartmouth faculty must accompany your application. This signifies that at least one faculty member is willing to supervise your project.

How Awards Are Decided

The Russian Department faculty serves as the Grants Committee. Grants are awarded on the basis of the clarity, thoroughness, and academic relevance of the proposed project. The amount awarded depends upon the financial requirements demonstrated in the proposal and on the resources available. If the grant is approved, the applicant will receive a formal letter outlining the conditions of the award.

The Final Report

In each case, a written report is expected. The report must include a 100- to 200-word abstract and a financial accounting that satisfies Dartmouth College's regulations. The completion of the project will be evaluated by the Grants Committee.