Fall '23 Translation and Censorship in Eastern Europe

Translation and Censorship in Eastern Europe

RUSS 38.21/COLT 19.03 01; Distributives: SOC, NW, Lang. req.: LRP

Meeting times: 10A; Tue, Thu 10:10-12, F 3:30-4:20 (by appointment)  

Counts toward the RUSS major /COLT Translation Studies minor.

Translation has been a target of censorship and control over several centuries. In this course, we will use Ukraine as a case study to trace and discuss the relationship between translation and censorship, with close references to other countries of Eastern Europe, in particular the Baltic states under Soviet rule and those belonging to soviet bloc, such as Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc., as well as new countries which appeared in the place of old Soviet entities. 

 Readings required for RUSS 38.21: All texts are on Canvas in pdf format.

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