Fall 2023 Ukrainian Dreams after Communism

Fall 2023

Ukrainian Dreams after Communism

RUSS 38.25: Distributives: SOC, Culture and Identity (CI)

Meeting times: 2A; Tue, Thu 2:25-4:15,

W 5:30-6:20 (by appointment) 

Readings required for RUSS 38.25: All texts are on Canvas in pdf format.

For many Ukrainians, 1991 became a crucial point when the long-held dream of their independence came true. Our course takes a multi-dimensional look at the period of the three recent decades as an advance towards the realization of collective dreams shaping the post-Soviet nation, combined with everyday disappointments, anxiety, and uncertainness. The course aims to analyze the agency of contemporary Ukrainian people, the media, literature, and digital folklore in creating new messages, meanings, and values. 

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