New Course Spring 2023: Imagining Siberia

Imagining Siberia
RUSS 38.23/NAIS 30.27
Tatiana Filimonova @ 2A
No prerequisites
Taught in English
Dist: SOC*

With bustling industrial cities, abysmal mineshafts, vast plains, and endless forests, Siberia makes up almost 80% of Russia's territory. Famous for its harsh winters, mighty rivers, clear lakes, and prison complexes, Siberia is also the locus of much ecological change. The region's immense natural wealth explains the history of its imperial conquest, its importance for Soviet socialist construction, its labor camp legacy, and the traditions of nature living persisting to this day.

This course focuses on Siberia as a geo-political, environmental and cultural space, as reflected in literature, film and journalism. Through narratives of colonizers, exiles, and indigenous authors, students will explore Siberia's imagined geography and examine how history, politics, ecology and culture converge on Siberia's expansive landscapes.

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