Ukraine on the Map of Language Battles

RUSS 38/COLT 19 students presented: Ukraine on the Map of Language Battles, Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

Sponsored by the Russian Department and Comparative Literature Program

The Resilient Avant-Garde: How the Ukrainian and Russian Avant-Garde Movements
Adapted to the Confines of Socialist Realism (by Christian Caballero)

Reintegrationism in Spain and Russification in Soviet Ukraine (1920s–1980s)
(by Daniel Modesto)

Recontextualizing EuroMaidan in the Conditions of the Ongoing War (by Sarah

The presentations will examine three key areas of the struggle for the right to
use the Ukrainian language in Ukraine throughout the century – as the
language of national literature, as the language of children's education, and
as the language of everyday communication – in comparison with similar
struggles for national languages in other regions of the globe. From the point
of view of language ideology, the vanguardists defended the right of the writer
to linguistic creativity, the anti-Russifiers – the right of Ukrainian
speakers to their own language, and the Euromaidan activists – the right of
the Ukrainian language to belong to the circle of modern European languages.