Students found nonprofit Futurevia to fund raise for schools in Ukraine

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In terms of how Futurevia is raising funds and gathering resources, Jack Grodnick '26, who volunteers for Futurevia, said the group is in contact with an alumnus who works at a Ukrainian nonprofit and has connections to corporations such as Google.

Jeffrey Morris '75 and Ukrainian parliament member Victoria M. Voytsitska are also involved in the nonprofit. Voytsitska is Futurevia's contact in Ukraine for distributing funds, and Morris is a Dartmouth alumnus from Wisconsin who donated to the nonprofit while also giving feedback and various other contacts. 

Both Zavalov and associate professor of Russian Victoria Somoff, the organization's faculty advisor, emphasized their personal ties to the conflict in Ukraine and its intense impact on their friends and families as their motivations for being involved. 

"I was born and grew up in Ukraine. I left Ukraine as a refugee in the late 1990s," Somoff said. "This war affects me deeply. And any effort, any attempt to ease the suffering of the Ukrainian people, I certainly welcome and am happy to support."