New LRP Course - Winter 2023 - Language and Ideologies

NEW LRP COURSE - Winter 2023/RUSS 38.22/COLT 19.04/Language and Ideologies/Distrib: W/SOC/ LRP - Kolomiyets - 10A

Lada Kolomiyets is a Doctor of Philological Science, with advanced scholarly research (post-doctoral dissertation) in Translation Studies; she is Full Professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine, and Director of the master's educational program in literary translation at the Department of theory and practice of translation from English; Fulbright visiting scholar to the University of Iowa (1996-97) and Pennsylvania State University (2017-18); contributor to several collective volumes, in particular Translation under Communism (2022), Translation and Power (2020), Protest and Dissent: Conflicting Spaces in Translation and Culture (2020), National Identity in Literary Translation (2019), Culture(s) and Authenticity: The Politics of Translation and the Poetics of Imitation (2018), Identity and Translation Trouble (2017); author of numerous individual publications in Ukrainian and English, including two monographs, three textbooks for master students and two anthologies of poetry; co-author of the English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Linguistic Terminology (2013) and contributing co-editor of collective volume Shevchenko Studies in the Modern World (2014); contributing editor of the forthcoming book Living the Independence Dream: Ukraine and Ukrainians in Contemporary Socio-Political Context (Vernon Press, 2023) on the narratives of Ukrainian self-concept, independence, and nation-building during the thirty-one-year period since the proclamation of Ukraine's independence; Editor-in-Chief of biannual peer-reviewed academic journal Bulletin of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv: Foreign Languages, Literature, Translation; poet-translator and member of the National Writers' Union of Ukraine. Her research interests focus on the history and theory of translation, censorship, comparative literature, Slavic studies, and post-communist transformation in Ukraine.