Welcome Pavel Lion!

Pavel Lion (more known under his stage name Psoy Korolenko), sometimes referred to as a ''wandering scholar'' and ''avant-bard'', is a multilingual singer-songwriter, translator, journalist and scholar, Ph.D. in Russian literature, former artist/scholar-in-residence at Trinity College (Hartford), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Dickinson College (Carlisle). Psoy released more than 20 albums solo or in collaborations, several books of selected essays, lyrics and translations. His own unique experimental one-person folk cabaret reflects (on) and integrates traditions of Russian urban folk song / guitar poetry, Yiddish folk and theater song, French chanson of 20 century and others. Pavel Lion is a Recording Academy voting member and one of the organizers of the open-air music festival JetLAG in Downsville, NY. He is a co-creator and participant of a few international musical projects, including the Grammy-nominated ''Yiddish Glory'' (in collaboration with Prof. Anna Shternshis, Toronto U), a ''singing archive'' featuring new renderings of lost-and-found Yiddish folklore songs written in Ukraine during WWII.