Russia and Race

Ani Kokobobo, D '05, University of Kansas organizes  a lecture series on "Russia and Race" at the University of Kansas. For registration please click on the title.

Thursday, September 17, 4 pm: Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon (University of Pennsylvania): "Russia and Blackness: African American and African Experience in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia" (Russia and Race Lecture Series)

Thursday, October 1, 4 pm: Anne Lounsbery (New York University): "On Teaching American Students how 'Race' Works in Russia" (Russia and Race Lecture Series)

Thursday, October 8, 4 pm: Anika Walke (Washington University in St. Louis): "Was Soviet Internationalism Anti-Racist? Toward a History of Foreign Others in the USSR" and Race Lecture Series)

Friday, October 16, 4 pm: Nathaniel Knight (Seton Hall University): "Understanding Race in Imperial Russia: Categories of Difference Across Cultures" (Russia and Race Lecture Series)