Colors and Cultures

Russian-28 students are working on their "Colors and Cultures" project, grant  received by Professor Alfia Rakova and supported by the Leslie Center for the Humanities ("Labs in the Humanities").


Here is what the students think:
--The Color and Cultures project allowed me to recognize that some very different countries see the same concepts in certain colors. It made me realize that even with our distinct identities, human beings have more similarities than we may think. -- Jillian
--We painted nested dolls, a popular Russian souvenir, and studied art while learning to communicate in Russian about colors and cultures.  There is surprising variability in the meanings of each color across different nations and regions. --Joe
--My "Colors and Cultures" project took a multi-cultural perspective to color and creativity while practicing the Russian language. I find that this project was one of the most interesting ways to study Russian."



Please contact Alfia Rakova with any questions: