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  • "On Disappointment in Terrorism, War, and Revolution: Boris Savinkov’s What Didn’t Happen and Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace"
    The Russian Review (vol. 77, No. 1, 2018)
    Author: Lynn Patyk

    As a particularly high-risk political strategy, terrorism is fraught with failure and disappointment for its adherents. Few scholars have concerned themselves with the disappointment of terrorists, for the simple reason that their failure is our...

  • Alfia Rakova, a research assistant professor of Russian and director of the Department of Russian’s language program, is always looking for ways to engage her students in learning Russian.

    This term, thanks to a “humanities lab” course development grant from the...

  • Alfie Rakova, Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Language Program brought her Russian 27 students to the Museum of Modern, Renaissance,  Somerville, MA.

    The fieldtrip was sponsored by the grant "Labs in the Humanities" from the Leslie Center solely to study color in Russian culture.

    Please go to the following link for more information on the Museum of Modern Renaissance

  • “They are talented, articulate, and engaging,” Professor Randall Balmer says of the seven scholars who this fall joined the Society of Fellows.

    Sean Griffin is a medievalist and political-religious theorist. His research focuses on the history of religion, historiography, technologies of empire, Christian liturgy, textual criticism, and the digital humanities. He is currently finishing work on his first monograph, Memory Eternal: The Liturgical Past in Byzantium...

  • Why Study Russian? Watch our...

  • The Russian LSA+ students went on an excursion with teachers to the Restoration and Storage Center of the Hermitage Museum yesterday  (Aug. 9).  (Реставрационно-Хранительский Центр Эрмитажа)

  • Welcome to the Russian (RUSS) Department!

    The study of Russian offers you a passport to the culture of the world’s largest country. Russia covers 11 time zones. Its vast forests are sometimes called “the lungs of Europe and Asia” as they oxygenate Eurasia.  Lake Baikal, which contains 20% of the Earth’s fresh water, attracts tourists, scientists, and students alike (among them a number from Dartmouth). Siberia, southern Russia, and the Russian far north contain vast...

  • Russian 29 students practice their Russian and enjoy some Russian food while on a field trip to St. Petersburg Cafe, Boston, MA during spring term.

  • On an afternoon in February, in a classroom in Reed Hall, 10 students sat down to write an essay for the 18th annual National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest, sponsored by the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR)—joining more than 1,300 other undergraduate essay-writers from 67 schools nationwide. 

    Alfia Rakova, a research assistant professor and director of the Russian department’s language program,...

  • Russian 36 Presents:
    Friday, May 26, 2017
    4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    Reed Hall 103
    "Spirited in Flesh"
    A Mini-Conference on
    Tolstoy's Art and Thought

    Free and open to the public!